There are practically no information about that except this video .That looks amazing! Just skip around 3 mins. It seems that after all that disappointment CS4 caused, Flash is striking back. Flash builder integration, iPhone support, better code editor and now physics make Flash tools future brighter again. Let’s see if reliability and performance will be addressed as well.


Flex 4, Flash Builder, Catalyst Beta 2 are out!

As Adobe MAX conference continues, finally and expectedly Flex 4 is out, so is Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, all in beta 2 versions now. Yay!


Behind the scenes: Think360

After couple of months of hard work, Syerit Interactive is live. And so is my first article on our labs where I describe some secrets behind building it. You can read about it here. As it turned to be quite long boring read, I had to split it to several sections and put some positive images.